Kids Skate Free

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

How to sign up for the "KidsSkateFreeClub"

You will receive 2 passes per child per week for each child you register.
Cost is only $4.99 per child per year!!!

Select World Of Wheels & Sign Up
Use the locator above to find World Of Wheels in Superior, WI.
Click the sign up link to get started.
Complete the form and add additional kids if needed.
Access Your Passes with MyHownd

Download MyHownd and sign up using the email address that you used to register for Kids Skate Free
Your first set of passes for eligible children will be available in the MyHownd app almost immediately (within an hour of signing up).
Your passes will show up in the My Promos section and in your MyHownd Wallet.
You will receive 2 Kids Skate Free passes per child, per week.
Kids Skate Free passes are only valid for one week.
Passes will automatically expire and be replaced with two new valid passes every Monday.
Please note that the passes will only be generated for eligible children ages 12 & under.

Redeem Your Passes & Have Fun!
When you arrive at World Of Wheels, open your MyHownd app, activate the pass and mark it as redeemed while at the ticket window.
After you redeem it, it will show up in your redeemed promos.
Now have a blast and enjoy all the fun and entertainment that World Of Wheels has to offer!

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